How can I get involved?

There are many ways to get involved with Worthy of Love. Visit the "Get Involved" tab on our website or send us a message via "Contact Us".

What does a party entail during Covid-19?

Worthy of Love continues to be fully operational during COVID-19 and has made innovative adjustments to ensure children experiencing homelessness can safely celebrate with their families. Children and families are provided with in-person meals, snacks, party decorations and gifts, while enjoying live entertainment and fun via Zoom.

When are parties held?

Parties are typically held on the last Thursday of each month. However, there are some exceptions for special events.

Where are your parties held?

We currently host our parties at shelters and rescue missions across Los Angeles county and in Houston, Texas, but are continuously exploring other regions based on need.

How much does it cost to sponsor a party?

Our parties accommodate anywhere from 100 to 300 children and families so costs may vary based on attendance. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor an upcoming party.

How can I bring Worthy of Love to my city?

Send us a message via the "Contact Us" tab on our website and we will work together to reach more families in need of hope and celebration.