Party highlights

Worthy of Love Celebrates its 100th Birthday Party

Worthy of Love returns to in-person events and reaches a major milestone by hosting its 100th birthday party for youth experiencing homelessness!


Worthy of Love Goes Virtual

Worthy of Love goes virtual to celebrate the birthdays of children experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County.


Mayim Bialik Returns to Skid Row

Mayim Bialik shares about her Worthy of Love experience and returns for another party celebrating the children living on Skid Row.


Star Wars Takes Over Worthy of Love

The Star Wars crew joins Worthy of Love for the most epic party in the galaxy.


Los Angeles Dodgers host Worthy of Love Party

Worthy of Love heads to the ballpark for a birthday celebration with the Los Angeles Dodgers.


Making a Difference with the Little Tokyo Business Association

We partnered with the Little Tokyo Business Association to provide an unforgettable birthday party for children experiencing homelessness.


Worthy of Love Goes Under the Sea

Worthy of Love heads "under the sea" to celebrate the children and families living on Skid Row.