Our story

"Sista Mary" and her husband Ari met volunteering in Skid Row (Los Angeles). Year after year they started to notice more and more children in the nation's capital of homelessness. Unfortunately, during this time they experienced a devastating miscarriage while expecting their first baby.

Heartbroken at the reality that they would not be able to celebrate important life milestones with their own child, they looked to find ways to celebrate other families and children in need. Determined to make a difference and use their experience to help others, Mary and her husband founded Worthy of Love in 2013 and began throwing monthly birthday parties for children experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County.

Thanks to the support of dedicated donors, sponsors and volunteers, Worthy of Love has served over 10,000 children experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, with plans to expand it’s impact nationwide in the future.

Mary and Ari endured two pregnancy losses before welcoming their precious daughters, Zivah and Zetta whom are regular party attendees. 

Our mission & Vision

Mission: Worthy of Love is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization committed to transforming the way youth experience homelessness.

Vision: We envision a world where every child can celebrate major life milestones, regardless of their financial background or living environment. 
Our mission & Vision

The Worthy of Love Story